Respected Medical Writers, ISMedica asked p]xe/ loom to build a simple 6-7 page website. No databases were required, no content management system. It was a straightforward brand identity building exercise that posed one unique challenge.
Project Description

ISMedica provides a range of medical writing services throughout the healthcare and scientific industries. The world's leading pharma companies are amongst their top clients and they are in demand both nationally and internationally. Their work is pervasive and global reaching. In just about every other industry or profession the brief would be pretty straightforward. We’d draw up a list of clients, offer a selection of successful case-studies or portfolios and generally do our damdest to inform the end-user just how ‘in-demand’ our client was.

But we couldn't do that. Not this time.

Medical Writing or ghostwriting is a discreet and inconspicuous affair that requires more than a little modesty and diplomancy. You are hired on the understanding that your input will remain ‘invisible’. Any success that you enjoy will be unknown outside of the priveleged few. This makes ‘showboating’ a bit of a challenge.

My response was to build a sparse and uncomplicated website. I wanted to convey this sense of transparency at a graphic and navigational level. The brand identity on this occasion needed to be strong enough to attract prospective clients but not sufficiently overpowering as to compete with their own precious brand identities. To a certain extent ISMedica needed to retain that ‘invisibility’ and show that willingness to support. This was achieved in part by some of the following.

  • We didn't clutter the design with showboating claims and slogans.
  • Plenty white-space.
  • Copy was deliberately terse and minimal. No fussing. No chaff.
  • The conceptual emphasis focused on the task of writing rather than the writer themselves.
  • The imagery to be used on the site was to be clinical and clean; spectral almost, ghostly.
  • Any stock-photography used was to be purposely devoid of character. We wanted to celebrate anonymity.
  • A small number of testimonials would be carefully solicited from clients.

The simplicity of the build was reflected in the final costs. The uncomplicated design and the disciplined approach to content lowered labour-costs significantly. We advised on copy, optimized the site for Search Engines and offered a low-cost hosting solution.

Project Details
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